Thank you on behalf of those I work with…and the thousands of people working to make patients’ lives better

To thank  my clients and the expert consultants with whom I work,  I chose to donate  in their honor — thousands of people around the world that want to make peoples’ lives better.

The organizations I chose were aligned with my interests and with organizations that I think could truly use the funds to support on-the-ground work.  These organization represent veterans, their families, homelessness, patient support organizations and animal shelters.  Most are local to New Jersey, were started by colleagues who I know have and will do fantastic work, or can have a local impact. 

So thanks to you, these organizations will have a little bit more to make the world a better place.  To learn more about these organizations, their names and links are below:


Veterans, their families and homelessness

Homeless Solutions – Morris County, NJ

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Community Hope NJ

Fisher House Foundation

Patient support organizations

Soft Bones

C4C Foundation

Animal Shelters

Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge Inc.

Eleventh Hour Rescue