Meet Kathy Vincent…

I have known Kathy for many years and have appreciated the counsel and overall “smarts” she brings to a project.  As consultants, Kathy and I have worked together and I very much enjoyed that opportunity. I wanted to take an opportunity to showcase some terrific consultants and wanted to start with Kathy as I recently worked with her.   It’s a short interview, but hopefully provides a little broader view on who Kathy is.


Q:      Outside of work, what do you spend a lot of your time doing?  And what’s coming up for that?  

A:      I spend the majority of my non-work time developing and advancing my equestrian skills – I ride English and am currently focusing on the hunter discipline. We’re in full show season so it’s competition time!

Kathy with her horse Viv



Q:      Tell me a little more about how riding horses is a passion, something you love, how much time it takes of yours and how long you’ve been doing it?

A:      Well I started riding as an adult – which for those who don’t ride – it’s not easy to start as an adult because you have no muscle memory, and the confidence and fear factors can be a tad overwhelming. And It’s bloody hard, physical work! I started my first lesson about eight years ago but have really only about a little more than a year in the saddle if you tally up the number of hours between lessons and showing. Riding is my therapy. Horses are majestic, smart (most of them) and super intuitive. They keep you honest and teach you patience. For me, my mare (I have two horses – Viv [her show name is Vienna] and Rossi [his show name is Echo River]) challenges me in ways that no other entity does. And aiming to master the hunter discipline requires striving for perfection. And I’m a perfectionist and highly competitive so I’m in heaven. When I’m riding and I’m in sync with my horse – literally becoming one with this 1300-pound animal – there is no other feeling in the world – it’s like you’re floating. Amazing is an understatement.

My goal is to become an accomplished horseperson – to ride any horse correctly and well. Oh and compete and win at the national hunter shows.


Q:      How do you start your work week? Coffee, exercise, reading, running, what keeps you going?

A:      I’m pretty anal when it comes to my morning regimen (surprise given that I’m a type quadruple A personality). I have a decaf, non-fat, no whip mocha and try to get a few crossword puzzles done to get the brain cells flowing. If I can get in a lesson in the early am, then I am on cloud nine and we are truly off to the races!


Kathy with her horse Rossi and trainer Chris Land

Q:      On the weekends, are there any places you love to go – get your head a little out of work?

A:      The barn – we are located at the base of the Angeles National Forest and it’s just heaven. Being with my horses gives my soul peace.


Q:      What do you like to do to relax at night?  Do you ever get to do that?  Describe a perfect evening after work?

A:      Well, when you work for yourself, which I LOVE, you’re on/working pretty much around the clock – which I also love. That said, in the evenings, I enjoy spending time with my husband Bob. We catch up on our days and then watch some of our favorite oldie but goodie shows and movies that make me literally laugh out loud.


Viv enjoying some down time

Tell Us About What You Do



Q:      What kind of consultancy do you run and how long have you been doing it?  What do think is your particular skill?

A:        I’m currently president of KV Consulting & Management, a marketing communications consultancy, with clients and/or in-depth experience in the areas of beauty/fashion, biotechnology, clinical psychology, film production, financial services, fitness, food/beverages, music/entertainment, non-profit, pharmaceuticals/healthcare, health IT/big data, technology and photography, among others.

 As an accomplished marketing communications strategist with more than 25 years’ experience in global and domestic branding and public relations, with a concentration on crisis counsel/communications/issues management and healthcare public relations. I have extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies, with startups across many verticals, with big brands such as Advair®, CHANTIX®/CHAMPIX®, Genentech, Citi, Electronic Arts, Odwalla, Rodan + Fields, Bausch+Lomb, Anheuser-Busch, Avastin®, Tylenol® or with niche products.

 My areas of expertise include issues management/crisis counsel/communications, corporate relations, media relations, executive visibility/thought leadership, patient/advocacy relations, product/portfolio communications, government affairs, employee relations/communications, change management, mergers & acquisitions, entertainment public relations, events planning/implementation, trade show coordination and management, social media, public and academic affairs.

My particular skill is that I am a chameleon and love to do whatever is best/needed. I’m often called upon to work as an out-sourced, onsite senior communications executive/leader (e.g., head of communications) for whom there are no geographic boundaries; and, my wide experience allows for quick and easy ramp-up and seamless execution.

Q:      Where do you work or where do you headquarter yourself?

A:      I’m based in LA (fortunate to work from home) and work with clients from all over the world.

Q:      What tidbit would you want people who hire consultants like you to know?

A:      That it’s critical to find people who just aren’t ‘yes’ people but really do what’s best for the business. I work really hard at maintaining my reputation, because at the end of the day, that’s all I have.

Q:      What are you going to do after this interview is done?

A:      Finish up a new business proposal and send it out. Wish me luck!

Q:    How can people reach you?

A:    My lifelines: 310-403-8951 or