Working Better

Dashboard Design

As a strategic communications consultant, I believe that using a “dashboard” is important, but equally as important is making sure the dashboard has a purpose.  Dashboards highlight different project parameters, but…

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When is a process not a process?

You may hate me now – I LIKE DEVELOPING PROCESSES I can see eyes rolling because for most — system…review…policy…PROCESS…this is akin to saying:   “This will take at least…

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Don’t Present…Engage

I’m putting a presentation together for the fall Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Annual Conference and realized I needed to focus not just on the message but the medium. But in thinking…

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“Can you Hear Me?”

Listening better — particularly as a consultant — is a strategic tool.  As a consultant, you have to listen. Really, you have to listen. Really. It doesn’t mean listen until…

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“Uh Oh…”

As a child, if I broke something or ruined something, my mother would never lose her cool but rather say “there’s more where that came from.” It’s not that she…

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