ACCC’s Patient Assistance and Reimbursement Guide

The American Association of Community Cancer Centers has a 2017 guide to patient assistance and reimbursement.  It lists many of the pharma companies’ assistance programs by company and by drug, as well as programs by organizations such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Patient Advocate Foundation and Cancer Care.


2017 Patient Assistance and Reimbursement Guide


What’s also interesting is some of the upfront materials — such as the case history of financial counseling to help patients instituted at Green Bay Oncology in Wisconsin.  They have aligned with 6 cancer centers in northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and have 6 financial counselors.  They work with clinical as well to ensure the patients needs are met and are the direct point of contact for any and all billing concerns. In 2015, they saved more than half a million dollars in co-pays their patients would have had to pay.

The guide can be found at ACCC Patient Assistance & Reimbursement Guide