Insights and action connecting your organization’s character to the values of an evolving healthcare landscape

Engaging with patients and advocacy groups, crafting and managing access policies and programs, and distinguishing your organization before ever-increasing stakeholders – just some of the day to day challenges impacting healthcare organizations.

To put your footprint on the new environment and to manage those issues that drain your time and energy, G. Stone Connections, L.L.C. will look out for you.

When it’s brisk out there and the terrain constantly shifts, you need an ally to help map your forward path.

From new technology and new alliances to exceeding stakeholder expectations – there is constant flux in healthcare.  Amid all that is juggling the relentless day to day business and organizational needs. So when a new issue or opportunity emerges, just framing the situation is challenging, let along solving it.  That is where G. Stone Connections, L.L.C. can help.  By taking a temperature check of the situation – based on you and the key stakeholders within and outside the organization — G. Stone Connections can identify insights and provide recommended actions tailored to you and your organization.

G. Stone Connections, L.L.C. is Gloria Stone with more than 30 years corporate, agency and consultancy experience. Having started functions within organizations, she understands what it takes to frame a situation and the need to get the support to move actions forward. She also understands the need to tap into experts and so connects with consultants and agencies to bring the right counsel and management to your unique position.

So if you are faced with needing a more patient engaged clinical trial mindset…establishing an issues management process that functions easily and regularly…developing a communications strategy and materials for change management initiatives…or any other situation that is outside the norm – contact G. Stone Connections, L.L.C.